A DifferentView of Life

Apartments that adapt to your lifestyle. Comfort that spoils you. Perfection that inspires. A view that delights. Your quality of life space in the Quiet Centre.

Just two more opportunities

Appartment No.16 Appartment No.17

Purchase of apartments

Anna Vaskāne

M. +371 2205 0549

SIA LARIX Property
T. +371 6735 0055
Zaļā iela 1, Rīga

This is a home for a real urban dweller

Andris Kronbergs

Architect / Projektēšanas birojs ARHIS

It’s a source of joy, simply joy – it’s like nowhere else

Guntis Āboltiņš

General contractor / Āboltiņa būvuzņēmums AG

A person should not live for an apartment, but the apartment should live for the person

Regīna-Marija Astahova

Interior designer / Lietišķās mākslas laboratorija

Quality is not in general, details is what actually makes quality

Juris Žebrovskis

Construction supervisor / Larix Property

Construction time laps video
5 years in 5 minutes

FUTURIS developer

Larix Property is an international developer, a part of Inter IKEA Group Property Division, which is engaged in real estate development and management. The company has been operating in the Latvian market for more than a decade, successfully implementing the reconstruction of the block located between Dzirnavu, Zaļā and Antonijas street, developing buildings of various functions. Currently, it is working intensively to develop an office park and residential building complex in Marupe, as well as a multi-functional complex in Riga.

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